About Us

MasteryWorks is the online educational software platform for Ring Publications, bringing you the ACT MASTERY ONLINE COURSE.

The ACT Mastery Online Course was developed by Craig Gehring.

Craig Gehring made perfect scores on both the ACT and the SAT in 2003. When word got out, parents began calling in to his high school, asking for test prep tutoring for their children. Craig had success in his one on one and small group tutoring, and always wanted to apply what he had learned from the experience to develop some form of ACT test prep curriculum.

In 2007, Craig helped to open an inner city literacy program, Applied Literacy and Learning, that offered free and low-cost tutoring to students who needed educational remediation but were not able to afford it. This experience underscored for Craig what he had already learned in his earlier tutoring experiences: that students could master any subject, if given enough attention, time and practice.

Years later, Craig wrote and published the book SAT ACT Mastery, which is designed to explain to middle and high school students exactly how he made his perfect scores, and what they can do to master their own education.

After the release of SAT ACT Mastery, an educational think tank of which Craig was a member approached him to develop an ACT test prep curriculum based on the concepts covered in his book. The ACT Mastery curriculum was born.

The ACT Mastery program averages a 3+ point improvement with its students and is used online, in-person, and in schools throughout the South. Through his books and courses, Craig has helped thousands of students prep for the ACT.

Craig can be contacted at craig (at) ringpublications.net