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ACT Mastery In-School Program Summary

inschool1Program Summary

The purpose of ACT Mastery is to improve student ACT composite scores by helping students to master the skills most likely to be tested. ACT Mastery provides the training, materials, and support for schools to deliver best-in-class ACT preparation to their students. Using the ACT Mastery workbooks (including ACT English Mastery, ACT Math Mastery, ACT Reading Mastery, ACT Science Mastery, and ACT Writing Mastery), the robust ACT Mastery Online program, and the comprehensive ACT Mastery Teacher Manual, schools can improve their students’ scores by an average of three points and reach a target population of students starting below 20 on the ACT.


Students receive practice and instruction on three real ACT tests as well as remediation on the content statistically most likely to come up on the test. Students learn six key test-taking techniques and work through the uniquely effective ACT Mastery workbooks that comprise the most robust in-school ACT prep program currently on the market. By the end of the program, the students will have completed each of the following workbooks: ACT English Mastery, ACT Math Mastery, ACT Reading Mastery, ACT Science Mastery, and ACT Writing Mastery. Participants are also taught study skills and active learning techniques.


92% of students attending an ACT Mastery program improve on their ACT scores. The ACT Mastery program averages a 3 point composite ACT score gain with its students. This can be compared to the national test prep average of less than one point. Our results are measured using one of the most rigorous methods in the test prep industry, by pre-testing and post-testing the students with actual ACT tests that have been released by ACT. The program has been proven effective in improving student scores starting from a 12 all the way up to a 27, and is ideal when targeting students performing under 18.


ACT Mastery is designed with many implementation modules which allow it to be implemented in any of the following formats: online, one semester, full year, school-wide bell ringer, after-school, and weekend programs. The Teacher Manual which guides the instructor through the process of teaching the class can allow for almost any scheduling variation possible. ACT Mastery provides a two-day professional development program for the school’s teachers which allows for a full implementation of the program by the school’s own personnel. ACT Mastery also provides comprehensive data management for practice test scoring and analysis for the entire student body. Every single practice question that is part of ACT Mastery comes with answers and full explanations. Every lesson plan is structured and provides instructors with everything they need to start teaching with minimal planning time.


ACT Mastery was developed by Craig Gehring, who made perfect scores on both the ACT and the SAT. The program concentrates on helping students to master the content statistically most likely to come up on the ACT, and focuses on academic remediation while integrating education on test-taking skills.


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